About the Program

Leading at the Edge is a 5-day leadership development journey that exposes you to challenging, experimental and transformational experiences and simulations. It allows you to explore who you are as a secure base leader, nourishing, developing, transforming and growing your leadership potential to effectively lead others and yourself. This motivational journey will allow you to make a positive future impact not only in your life and team but in your organization as well as for your clients. Explore your personal leadership style, get tools and techniques to leverage your full potential, and to program your mind for success.

Why do some leaders overcome impossible barriers, go beyond unbearable pressure and frustration, and persevere in order to achieve outcomes seemingly beyond reach when others would give up? The answer to that question has never been more clear. Through their desire for relentless improvement, leaders at the edge can unlock the highest levels of performance from themselves and others. Leading at the edge enables people to "play to win" rather than simply "playing not to lose" with a focus on effort and learning instead of outcome.

Drawing on the latest research on high performance from the world of sports, business, medicine, music, theater, military, and hostage negotiation, everyone can translate this knowledge to the real world of leading self and others from different backgrounds. The essential question is how successful do you want to be as a leader in an ever-changing and global world?

Learn about the counter-intuitive correlation of pain and success: “If you cannot enjoy pain or learn to enjoy pain at the right moments, you will never be successful!” Prof. George Kohlrieser

Immerse yourself in simulations that will impact the way you see yourself and others being impacted by leadership, receive honest feedback while not only working with experts in their fields but with continuous support of a team of highly experienced coaches to make sure that your program experience truly benefits your cause.

«Be an effective leader in a global context! Talent is a company’s most important asset and cultivating and retaining the right talent
is a leader’s most important responsibility. Since every enterprise is different, every enterprise must develop its own unique talent strategy» Prof. Katherine Xin.


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Tentative reservation

If you prefer to make a non-binding reservation, please contact us at wmarianne@ceibs.edu. This carries no obligation and is not a substitute for the formal application form.


Please pay the program fee within 30 days of the invoice date and no later than the commencement of the program. If you register within 1 month of the start of the program, you must settle the invoice immediately without exception.

The program fee includes tuition, teaching materials, lunches and dinners. Travel or living expenses are not covered.

Cancellation & transfer policy

Should an execution of the program not be possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can either transfer your subsription to the next program or request a full refund.

CEIBS Zürich must be notified in writing of all cancellations and transfers. If you are admitted but find that you are unable to attend, you have the following cancellation and transfer options:

Up to six weeks before program :

  • Cancellation: You receive a full refund of the program fee
  • Transfer: You may transfer to the next available session with no transfer fee

From six weeks to up to 14 days before program start

  • Cancellation: You incur a 50% cancellation fee
  • Transfer: You may transfer to the next available session with no transfer fee

Within 10 days before program start

  • Cancellation: You incur a 100% cancellation fee
  • Transfer: You incur a 100% transfer fee


A participant can be substituted on the same program session without incurring any fees. The substitute needs to apply and be admitted.

Note: Once you have paid the program tuition fee if you do not attend another program within 24 months, the program fee will be forfeited.

Participant profile

You’re an executive, ready to reach the next level of impact- and meaningful leadership with maximum effectiveness and authenticity. You are ready to lead to nourish and grow high-performing teams in a sustainable way. Your class members have extensive management experience and come from a wide range of industries, functional backgrounds and geographic regions.


Receive intensive group coaching every day of the program, accelerating and intensifying the development of your leadership skills.

Discuss the implementation of the action plan you develop during the LEAD program. The post-program call with your coach will ensure you are ready to transfer your knowledge to your work and personal life.

Want more coaching? You can book your extra coaching with your preferred coach at any time. Coaches are available for up to three one-on-one distance coaching sessions in addition to the program (fees apply).